Customs Compliance Platform

Only read what you need!

With the Customs Compliance Platform (CCP) you are always aware of the relevant legal developments in the field of customs & international trade, product and food safety and excise duties.

What can the platform do for you?

Each month or quarter, the platform is updated only with those developments that are relevant for you. You also have access to an extensive law library, other relevant documents and links.

Employees who use the platform receive a personal login code. This makes it clear which user has consulted what information. After reading the news items, the employees are asked verification questions on the latest information at the end of the chapters. This shows whether they have sufficiently understood the information. On the basis of this information, you will be able to demonstrate that you meet the 5th AEO requirement and are ‘in control’.

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Use the app!

You can, of course, also access the platform using the handy app. With this app, you can consult the changes regarding customs legislation anytime, anywhere. 

  • All changes periodically summarised in a single overview in clear language
  • Save time. You no longer have to read unnecessary newsletters and the like
  • Identify changes/developments of, for example, commodity codes and free trade areas
  • Remain up-to-date on relevant (legal) developments
  • Make optimal use of a tariff suspension
  • Apply changes to complex legislation, regulations and legal practice within your company
  • Reduce the chance of additional assessments (UTBs)
  • Monitor the users’ knowledge progress, so that your company meets the 5th AEO requirement (education and professional competence criteria)
  • Rely upon specialised knowledge
  • Law library which includes the Combined Nomenclature


The platform has three versions: Expeditor, Focused and Dedicated. The Expeditor version relates to all 99 chapters of the Combined Nomenclature. The Focused and Dedicated versions are specifically aimed at your company. All versions are available in both Dutch and English.


  • All 99 CN chapters
  • Including one unique user (€25 per month for each additional user)
  • Publication platform per month
  • Law library
from € 350,- monthly


  • Specifically aimed at your company
  • Only CN chapters relevant to you (five chapters, extension possible)
  • Including one unique user (€25 per month for each additional user)
  • Push updates of important messages
  • Publication platform per month
  • Law library
from € 500,- monthly


  • Specifically aimed at your company
  • Ten CN chapters (extension of chapters possible)
  • Recommendation at company level
  • Including five unique users (€25 per month for each additional user)
  • Push updates of important messages
  • Article database update (optional)
  • Publication platform per quarter
  • Law library
from € 850,- monthly


Below are the chapters that periodically appear in the platform. Article database updates occur in consultation, which is optional for the Dedicated version.

General developments in Customs

General relevant developments in the area of Customs.

Classification & import duties

Draft regulations of the Customs Code Committee, new legislation and jurisprudence in the area of classification. We publish the final Combined Nomenclature each year. We also periodically include the correlation table with both new and expired commodity codes.

Customs value and origin

Changes in regulations and legislation and relevant jurisprudence in the area of customs value and origin. In addition, we include publications that come from the Official Journal of the EU relating to suspicions of origin fraud.

Anti-dumping duties

Opening, closing, setting, changing and terminating anti-dumping duties (investigations) and relevant jurisprudence.

Tariff suspensions

The final suspension regulations are published twice each year, and the submitted suspension requests are published in the months prior to this.

Free-trade areas

The latest situation between the EU and third countries regarding negotiations relating to free-trade areas.

Customs procedures

Relevant jurisprudence, legislation and regulations that have an impact on possible customs procedures.


The knowledge of the users is determined on the basis of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The platform has been put together by a team of lawyers and advisors specialised in customs law.
  • E-learning specifically aimed at the 5th AEO requirement. This allows you to show Customs you are ‘in control’.
  • Only relevant jurisprudence and legislation, written in a clear and easily comprehensible way.
  • We keep you up-to-date on draft regulations (for example classification regulations, changes in the CN explanatory notes, BTI withdrawal and preferential regulations), allowing you to respond to these upcoming changes well on time.
  • Rely on specialist knowledge.
  • You receive everything periodically in a single overview, instead of various news messages every day.

The platform is published every month for the Expeditor and Focused versions. For the Dedicated version, you have the option of publication each month or once every quarter.

If you are a customs agent and arrange the declarations for various parties with a wide range of products, then the Expeditor version is the best choice.

If you are an importer and/or responsible for the declarations and have a specific range of products, then the Focused or Dedicated version would be more suitable for you. The Focused and Dedicated versions allow you to save more time by not having to read unnecessary news messages relating to goods not included in your product range.

If, in addition to messages, you would like to receive more information at a company level, then the Dedicated version is for you. If you don’t do the declarations yourself, but would like to be kept informed of this, then the Expeditor version is also a good solution.

We will be happy to help you make the right choice.

The Expeditor and Focused versions of the platform will be delivered at the beginning of the following month. The Dedicated version is delivered either at the beginning of the following month or at the beginning of the new quarter, depending on what you prefer.

As stipulated in the 5th AEO requirement, you must be well informed regarding classification, customs value and origin, but also of the various formalities and special regulations. Employees have to be assisted in keeping their knowledge up to date. Our platform provides you with the solution for this. As employees log in using their own username, the system registers when a message has actually been read. Their knowledge of the subject matter is tested using a number of e-learning questions. This way, you can show Customs that you have taken the necessary measures to inform all employees as well as possible.