Samantha Zwart-Speelman


"Controlling and managing risks is the key to success"

Samantha is consultant and legal expert. She has been with Customs Knowledge since 2013. In July 2017, Samantha completed her Master’s Customs & Supply Chain Compliance. Samantha is a true entrepreneur and has been shareholder of Customs Knowledge since 1 January 2018.

Samantha’s duties include auditing as part of AEO, she advises large corporations in the field of monitoring and the optimisation of customs-related corporate processes. She also counsels companies in the improvement of the quality of declarations. In addition, she advises businesses on customs valuation and origin.

E-commerce businesses can turn to Samantha. Samantha knows the specific problems surrounding e-commerce and guides businesses in their contacts with Customs.

Samantha works and lives in Heerenveen. In her spare time, she likes to sail on the Frisian lakes and she likes to go running. Samantha likes to travel the world with her husband.

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