Gerda Tuinstra-Room


"Step outside of your comfort zone from time to time. It is the only way to experience new things and grow"

Gerda has been working at Customs Knowledge since 2010 and she occupies herself with (online) marketing. She is co-responsible for devising, drawing up, managing and optimising (new) marketing strategies. Her main task is to find the link between sales, marketing and the target group of Customs Knowledge.

A good example of this is the Dutch Customs Conference and Trade Compliance Conference, which are the quintessential knowledge and marketing events of the year for Customs Knowledge. Gerda is one of the persons who enables Customs Knowledge to organise these events together with evofenedex and SDU every year.

In addition, Gerda is the point of address for many of our clients who have an education issue. She coordinates and organises the training courses and expert sessions that Customs Knowledge offers.

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