In customs formalities the correct commodity code is of great importance. These codes are used by customs officers worldwide to determine the number of customs duties, whether a preferential rate (lower duty) applies, and which formalities are applicable. These may be, for example, requirement of an import or export authorisation, or even an import ban. The commodity code consists of several digits or numbers, the first of those 6 numbers are (largely) harmonised worldwide.

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Determining this commodity code is not always a simple task. First of all, you need to be aware of all the laws and regulations. For example, the classification rules, but also of the HS and CN explanatory notes, which play an important role in the classification. Also consider the decisions taken in Brussels by the EU in the field of classification. These decisions often influence the codes that must be adopted for a certain product. Finally, there is also a large number of jurisprudence to find on the classification of products. You must always be aware of this jurisprudence, in order to make the right decision to classify products.

In addition to the laws, regulations and jurisprudence just mentioned, certain technical knowledge about your product is essential to determine the correct code. If you are not fully aware of the technical characteristics of your product, there is a chance that you may pay too much or too little import duties or that you may not complete the correct formalities.

We can assist how you can ensure that all your goods are classified correctly.