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About us

We are Customs Knowledge. We believe that ‘a deal’s a deal’, have a no-nonsense mentality, are straightforward and get to the heart of the matter. We like winning, but believe the final result for our customers is more important. Formal and professional to the outside world, informal and collegial within. We are committed to our clients and projects, and deliver our services in a proactive and pragmatic way. Knowledge lies at the heart of our organisation, which is why we focus on knowledge development, knowledge sharing and the delivery of quality. We believe that taking pleasure in what you do, leads to sincere involvement, perseverance and long-term relationships in the collaboration with one another and our customers.

What we do

We advise businesses in the areas of customs, product and food safety and international trade. We carry out objection and appeal procedures at the various judicial authorities, and provide training courses and workshops. We provide support in the inspections of Customs, the application of authorisations, and help to optimise the customs logistics. And also for expertise on AEO, the application for the AEO status, monitoring, an external audit or the AEO tool, we’ll be your partner!

Our team

We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of professionals. Each member of the Customs Knowledge team has their own area of specialisation. Our team consists of lawyers, attorneys and consultants who have built up a wealth of experience within Dutch Customs, the legal profession and international business. We train our employees who are very excited about the world of Customs. We also have professional support staff who provide our clients with optimal assistance. You will find our hard-working team at this page.

From the very beginning to now

In 2005, Bart Boersma, at the time a lawyer at the well-respected law firm Simmons & Simmons in Rotterdam, took the plunge and started his own practice. Against all expectations, he did not set up his business in the more obvious base of Rotterdam, but in far-off (for someone from the Randstad megalopolis, anyway) Friesland. Because, alongside his passion for his work, Bart and his wife Karen both had an equally great passion for wide open spaces and water sports. These two dreams converged, leading to the formation of Customs Knowledge in 2005. It didn’t take long before the first members of staff joined. The team continued to expand and the ‘attic room’ in Langezwaag quickly became too small. And so an office block in Heerenveen was bought. Meanwhile, Customs Knowledge continued to grow steadily. Not only in Friesland, but also in other parts of the country new staff came to join the company in order to be more easily accessible for clients and business contacts in the middle, west and south of the country. There are now staff in Sittard, Barendrecht, Hellevoetsluis and Bergen op Zoom.


Customs Knowledge has developed into both a law firm and a firm of certified tax advisers that enjoy great recognition in customs law and other related areas of law. And that is for good reason, because in the intervening period Customs Knowledge has provided hundreds of companies with advice, training and impressive results that have arisen from objection and appeal procedures.